Apple TV welcomes Minecraft to the platform

More good news emerges for Minecraft fans. After the glorious news that has hit PC and mobile players, regarding the launch of The End update on the two platforms, it’s once again time for Mojang to brighten up the day of those owning an Apple TV. ( read original story ...)

Christmas Eve picks for your Apple TV

Christmas is almost here. With it come smiles, laughs, presents, and memories. Traditions, of course, are part of the routine over the holidays—but as technology becomes more present in our lives, our traditions tend to change. Now that the fourth ... ( read original story ...)

LIRC on a Raspberry Pi for a silver Apple TV remote

The idea here is to control a full-screen chromium webpage via a simple remote control (I’m using it for full-screen TV-like prototypes). It’s very straightforward really, but I couldn’t find the right kind of summary of LIRC, the linux infrared ... ( read original story ...)

Apple TV Now Offers Minecraft Game For $19.99

Apple TV now offers Minecraft- Apple TV Edition, for a limited time the bundle pack is available for $19.99. If you’re a Minecraft fan, and you have Apple TV, well you might consider yourself in luck! Now Apple TV has seven downloadable content packs for ... ( read original story ...)

Minecraft Now On Apple TV

While the Minecraft craze has surely died down compared to its early, heady days, this does not mean that there is no sizeable community left behind. In fact, there are still a number of Minecraft gamers who would surely love to keep the game going for ... ( read original story ...)

Minecraft arrives on Apple TV for $19.99

Minecraft is already available on pretty much every platform you can imagine — second only to Doom, which is ported to anything with a screen just for the heck of it. But today the popular open-world sandbox game is expanding even further with an ... ( read original story ...)