Apple iPad Pro 10.5 review: Tyrion Lannister of computing

If you've seen Game of Thrones, which I'm sure you have, you must love the little imp, or as he's called Tyrion Lannister, the brother of both Cersei and Jaime Lannister. He is a pocket-sized leviathan — a tactical genius, the resourceful little man who ... ( read original story ...)

6 iOS 11 iPad improvements in video

With iOS 11, Apple made a range of great changes for iPad users, and has produced six useful videos to guide you through using some of these. (You’ll find a range of other great improvements for enterprise users here). These have implications on ... ( read original story ...)

Apple promotes iOS 11 for iPad in new ad series

Apple on Thursday published a series of six iPad commercials to its official YouTube channel, focusing on the new capabilities iOS 11 is set to deliver to tablet users this fall. Like other recent Apple ads, like the "How to Shoot on iPhone" series, today ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iPad Pro review: can it outshine the Surface Pro?

A screen upgrade would have been enough to net the new iPad Pro a perfect score, but the fact that Apple has stuffed in a host of additional upgrades means it's impossible not to recommend it. It's definitely top of the tree, easily the best product in its ... ( read original story ...)

Apple: iPad Smart Connector Accessories Coming Soon

It’s been nearly two years since Apple introduced the iPad Pro and its Smart Connector, and so far the only accessories we have are the Smart Keyboard and a couple products from Logitech. That’s about to change, according to Apple, and those new ... ( read original story ...)

iPad sales growth doesn’t herald a tablet-as-PC rush

Apple last week reported a 15% uptick in iPad sales, the tablet's first sign of growth in more than four years. But credit for the prosperity should probably go to Apple's lower-priced iPad, said one analyst - not to the company's campaign to convince ... ( read original story ...)