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iPod nano comes in 5 stunning colors and is designed to provide ... Listen to your favorite songs from Apple Music and iTunes. iPod touch offers the ultimate mobile gaming experience. Take great photos and videos with the new 8MP iSight camera and make ... ( read original story ...)

How Apple shows that innovation is overrated

The naughts were a golden age for Apple. Throughout that decade, the tech giant surprised the market several times: it launched iTunes and the iPod in 2001, and the iPhone in 2007. The iPad’s introduction in 2010 was the last time the multinational ... ( read original story ...)

Apple engineer: ‘The iPhone is the reason I’m divorced’

The sentiment was echoed by multiple Apple employees. Jobs split the iPhone team in two task groups referred to as P1 and P2, pitting them against each other. P1 was tasked with adding phone functionality to the existing iPod. They eventually produced a ... ( read original story ...)

Apple’s Previous Home Stereo Attempt: the iPod Hi-Fi

The Apple world may be talking about the HomePod a lot in the wake of WWDC, but it's not the first time Apple has tried to reinvent home audio. In 2006 — just a year before the iPhone appeared — a slightly-under-the-weather Steve Jobs introduced the $ ... ( read original story ...)

Fifth Generation iPod Nano MP3 Player

The iPod Nano MP3 player continues Apple’s legacy of packing a multitude of features into a colorful, impossibly thin design and comes reasonably priced at $149 (8GB) and $179 (16GB). This time around, Apple is branching out of its iPod formula in a ... ( read original story ...)