What generation is my Apple tv?

One of the first things you need to know about your Apple TV is that the 3rd generation consists of 2 models, while the 4th generation consists of a single model. While they do share a lot of similarities, they differ quite a bit in terms of software and ... ( read original story ...)

Apple wisely chooses the do-it-yourself route for TV

ANALYSIS: Apple appears to have finally figured out how to become an entertainment programming company - and it didn't have to buy Netflix or Time Warner to do it. Apple is making the rounds in Hollywood, seeking to buy high-quality original TV series ... ( read original story ...)

Apple TV tweak suggests a 4K version is incoming

The Apple TV streaming box is getting an upgrade. Apple has announced apps and games for the device can now be 20 times bigger than previously, suggesting that 4K compatibility is on the way. Apps and games can now be as large as 4GB, which is 20 times ... ( read original story ...)

Apple now allows bigger apps and games on the Apple TV

Apple TV developers have been able to create apps and games that require more than 200MB of content, but until now, additional assets had to be stored in Apple's cloud using a feature called "On-Demand Resources", which allows for up to 20GB. They ... ( read original story ...)