Goodbye iPad Air 2, Hello iPad Pro 2?

A quick check of Apple’s online store gives hints that the iPad Air 2 is in short supply or no stocks at all. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Apple has a history of drawing down inventory of products before it launches new models. In the case of ... ( read original story ...)

New MacBook Pro's Annual Upgrade Ritual

Apple had little choice but to outfit the late 2016 MacBook ... Looking at the hardware the new MacBook Pro machines have more in common with the iPad Pro machines of today than the highly configurable and accessible MacBook Pro machines of the past. ( read original story ...)

5 things the iPad Pro needs instead of skinnier bezels

A move to a larger lineup would further solidify Apple’s move to make the iPad more Mac than iPhone, but a third Pro model, however pretty it may be, won’t be enough on its own to elevate the iPad to true professional status. If Apple wants to make the ... ( read original story ...)