Would a fine stop you from looking at your phone?

Saying so long to the iPod. Saying goodbye to the iPod era, a 16-year-ride that changed the music business and our lives forever. — Sneak peek at Apple's plans for Augmented Reality.AR is coming to the iPhone in the fall, with animated figures ... ( read original story ...)

Apple searches for the next big thing

did not realise that it would one day upend the music industry as a key component of the iPod. “Every handful of years, there is a window of opportunity,” one former employee said, recalling a lesson taught at Apple University, its internal training ... ( read original story ...)

Tales In Tech History: Apple iPod

From this week, users will no longer see any mention of the iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle on Apple’s website. The iPod Touch (considered by many not a real iPod but rather an iPhone-lite) remains the sole standard bearer in this product category. ( read original story ...)

Apple Kills Off Its First and Only FM Radio

Apple recently announced the end for two more of its iPod music player models, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano. The cancellation of the latter also eliminates Apple’s first, and only, radio receiver. While the iPod Touch remains in production ... ( read original story ...)