The Puzzle of the iPod Nano

Let’s say it had been connected well over a thousand times before failing. So I ducked down to Officeworks and bought a new iPod Nano ($20 cheaper than buying from Apple). Plugged it into the computer with iTunes, where it was immediately recognised ... ( read original story ...)

Christmas Eve picks for your Apple TV

Christmas is almost here. With it come smiles, laughs, presents, and memories. Traditions, of course, are part of the routine over the holidays—but as technology becomes more present in our lives, our traditions tend to change. Now that the fourth ... ( read original story ...)

LIRC on a Raspberry Pi for a silver Apple TV remote

The idea here is to control a full-screen chromium webpage via a simple remote control (I’m using it for full-screen TV-like prototypes). It’s very straightforward really, but I couldn’t find the right kind of summary of LIRC, the linux infrared ... ( read original story ...)