How to speed up Apple Watch software updates dramatically

Downloading watchOS software to your Apple Watch is a tremendously slow process. It can take anywhere between half an hour to an hour or more to send a watchOS software update to your wrist. Because it’s such a sluggish experience, I try to update my ... ( read original story ...)

Apple ads

The two ads are both 15 seconds in length and will likely be used both on TV and on social media sites like Instagram. Last week, these ads were uploaded to Apple's YouTube channels in other countries, such as Mexico. Apple earlier this year started ... ( read original story ...)

Smart TV Made Real By Amazon

For years — more than three if memory serves — Munster kept predicting the advent of a magical, smart Apple TV set, endowed with all the virtues we’d expect from a Jobs/Ive brainchild, freed from the ugly copulations of cable companies ... ( read original story ...)