Next Apple iPad Pro: What’s the story so far?

The latest Apple iPhones have now been announced and are now available to buy, with the exception of the premium iPhone X model that will arrive at the beginning of November. With the phones out of the way though, the spotlight has turned to the next iPads. ( read original story ...)

Apple’s next iPad camera may be compatible with Face ID

Apple's next iPad Pro might come equipped with Face ID sensors. A lot of time and talent went into developing Apple’s Face ID, and the iPhone maker wants its money’s worth. Case in point? Next year’s iPad Pro may inherit the iPhone X’s Face ID ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Releases iOS 11.0.3: What Is Included In The Update?

Today Apple released iOS 11.0.3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for the public. Apple did not release any iOS 11.0.3 betas to developers or the public before rolling it out today. However, Apple is currently beta testing 11.1 — which will contain ... ( read original story ...)