Apple Kills Off Its First and Only FM Radio

Apple recently announced the end for two more of its iPod music player models, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano. The cancellation of the latter also eliminates Apple’s first, and only, radio receiver. While the iPod Touch remains in production ... ( read original story ...)

Apple TV Remote app target of latest Uniloc patent lawsuit

Continuing its withering legal barrage against Apple, so-called "patent troll" Uniloc on Wednesday filed a patent lawsuit claiming the Cupertino tech giant's Apple TV Remote app for iOS infringes on IP dating back to 1999. Lodged with the patent holder ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Inc.’s iPad Biz Delivers Double-Digit Unit Growth

Apple sacrificed some features relative to the now-discontinued iPad Air 2 to hit these price points, including no laminated display and the use of a lower-cost A9 chip versus the A9X. However, the 9.7-inch iPad is, for what it's worth, a high-quality ... ( read original story ...)