Amazon’s Cheap 4K TVs Are Good Enough for Almost Anyone

If you avoid renting too many movies on Amazon Prime, you can enjoy a pretty decent 4K TV for a really decent price. You can easily avoid the Fire TV operating system by plugging in a Roku or Apple TV or, if you dare, a cable box. You could even try using ... ( read ...

Buying Roku Player Ultra Version? 4 Facts You Should Know.

The 4K streaming devices, including the Google Chromecast Ultra ... in a similar price range, you can get Apple TV and by shelling out around 80 dollars more, you can buy Nvidia Shield. There’s no doubt that both these devices are compelling enough ... ( read original story ...)

New Apple 8K, 10-bit display rumours

8K resolution (or 8K UHD) is the same resolution offered by ultra high definition TV. To offer 8,000 pixels the total image dimensions need to be 7680×4320. 8K is the successor to 4K. Few cameras had the capability to shoot video in 8K. Apple wouldn't be ... ( read original story ...)