Apple TV Dolby Atmos support: What you need to know

Apple TV 4K is already a pretty capable streaming box, but later this year, it’s going to get better. At WWDC 2018 today, Apple announced that Apple TV 4K will soon be getting some much-loved Dolby technology in the form of Dolby Atmos. When combined ... ( read original story ...)

The Apple TV is finally getting Dolby Atmos support

Apple announced some new features for its Apple TV set-top box during WWDC today. The company is bringing live sports and news to the TV app, along with full Dolby Atmos support coming to the Apple TV 4K. Apple TV 4K is now the first (and only) streaming ... ( read original story ...)

Get Healthy and Fit with the Apple TV

Your fitness journey can start in the living room. We're highlighting some perfect Apple TV apps that can help you get fit and healthy. Instead of needing to head to the gym for a workout, you can take advantage of the app any time of the day on the Apple TV. ( read original story ...

Apple approves iOS update of ‘Telegram’ app

Apple has reportedly approved to update the cloud-based instant messaging app "Telegram" on iOS after its CEO, a Russian internet entrepreneur, Pavel Durov complained about the iPhone-maker blocking the app updates in a public "Telegram" message. ( read original story ...)

Get ready for Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV features a built-in App Store, making it more entertaining than ever. Now you can deliver incredible and immersive apps and games on the big screen using the tvOS SDK. Leverage many of the same frameworks, technologies, and concepts that are ... ( read original story ...)

New Apple TV 2018: what we want to see

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey for the Apple TV. Deemed a “hobby” project by Steve Jobs, the company appeared to put the concept of an Apple set-top box on the back burner for many years before it once again started taking the line ... ( read original story ...)