Apple ads

The two ads are both 15 seconds in length and will likely be used both on TV and on social media sites like Instagram. Last week, these ads were uploaded to Apple's YouTube channels in other countries, such as Mexico. Apple earlier this year started ... ( read original story ...)

Smart TV Made Real By Amazon

For years — more than three if memory serves — Munster kept predicting the advent of a magical, smart Apple TV set, endowed with all the virtues we’d expect from a Jobs/Ive brainchild, freed from the ugly copulations of cable companies ... ( read original story ...)

Airline passenger fined after keeping free airline apple

DENVER - The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has fined a woman US$500 for not declaring she was bringing a free apple into the U.S. that she received on her Delta Air Lines flight from Paris. Crystal Tadlock tells KDVR-TV in Denver that flight attendants ... ( read original story ...)

Why Apple’s HomePod May Be Flopping

We’re likely to see a more interesting integration with Apple TV as well. There may also be something called a HomePod Mini, with a smaller form factor and a smaller price. Given the timing and the competition, HomePod will never be the category killer ... ( read original story ...)