Apple TV pulls in 4K content

Home-entertainment hub Apple TV has some improvements in the latest version – Apple TV 4K – including better picture quality and faster performance. Anyone new to Apple TV should understand it’s not a TV set. It’s an Internet-based video on-demand ... ( read original story ...)

Is this Apple’s plan for Apple TV?

“I am no fan of Apple TV, at least not anymore. I did find my third-generation model indispensable, but basically for one reason, and that was Netflix,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “I did not acquire the fourth-generation version ... ( read original story ...)

Why Apple TV can’t compete in 2018

Consumers have never had more choice when it comes to streaming devices than they do right now. Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Google Chromecast have made it easy to cut the cord, bringing the world of digital media to the masses. Oddly the underdog in the ... ( read original story ...)

Best Remotes for Apple TV

While all Apple TVs come with the Siri Remote some people just don't like using it. Lucky for you, there are other options if you feel like you want a better experience. Whether you hate the Siri Remote, lost your old one, or are just scouting out the ... ( read original story ...)