New Apple TV with 4K, HDR support in the works: Report

Apple is expected to launch a more advanced version of the Apple TV set top box that supports 4K content. A report from MacRumors suggests that iTunes could soon start offering movies in 4K and HDR, meaning a new model of the Apple TV is on the way. ( read original story ...)

Apple Revamping Apple TV This Year?

On Friday, Apple Insider learned from many Apple TV users that some new releases on the iTunes Store have 4K resolution and high dynamic range support. This discovery has since been taken as a clue to what the Cupertino giant is preparing for the revamped ... ( read original story ...)

iTunes hides clues that Apple is preparing to go 4K

It's possible that Cupertino is preparing to launch 4K movies on iTunes, so they could go hand-in-hand with the next Apple TV when it becomes available. The tags might have simply made their way to the UK store earlier than intended. According to a ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Now Lists Some Movies as 4K, HDR Compatible on iTunes

but iTunes and Apple TV apparently now show that certain movies are 4K and HDR-capable when you view your own history. As reported first by MacRumors, Apple is retroactively stating that certain films are available with modern features like 4K and HDR. ( read original story ...)

Is Apple finally readying a 4K HDR Apple TV?

People have been expecting a 4K capable Apple TV for a long time, even before the last version of the device was announced way back in 2015 but now it seems like a 5th generation of the Apple TV might be on the horizon that is both 4K and HDR capable. ( read original story ...