iPad Air vs. iPad Mini 2: Which is best?

Although the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 were launched a fair time ago (four years to be precise), if you're looking to enter into the iPad arena for the first time, these Apple legacy tabs are pretty worthy, but much cheaper alternatives than the iPad Pro 9 ... ( read original story ...)

How the iPad Pro and iOS 11 will finally kill the MacBook Air

While the Pro was certainly an upgrade over its predecessor, the iPad Air 2, it was still, at its core, just an iPad. The Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil certainly made it more palatable to artists and writers, but the iPad Pro was still a far cry from a PC. ( read original story ...)

iPad Pro 12.9in (2017) vs MacBook Air comparison review

It’s not cheap though, as the iPad Pro costs a similar amount to Apple’s MacBook Air – which begs the question, can an iPad Pro replace a Mac? We compare the iPad Pro to the (mid-2017) MacBook Air and decide for ourselves. Even though its called the ... ( read original story ...)

iPad Air 2 review

If you're in two minds what to go for - this is your choice. Plus there are new, even better tablets in Apple's range such as the iPad Pro 9.7 (and Pro 12.9). The iPad Air 2 is still a top quality slate though and you can get it for a slightly lower price ... ( ...