Apple iPad Mini 4 vs iPad Mini 3 head-to-head

It should be noted that neither the iPad Mini 2 nor 3 are available for purchase from retailers anymore. Instead, Apple's focus has shifted to the Mini 4, changing its memory specifications and dropping the price to widen the gap between it and its ... ( read original story ...)

Apple quietly releases new, less expensive iPad

The new iPad model starts at 32 GB of storage and replaces the iPad Air 2. It will be slightly less expensive than the smaller iPad Mini 4, which starts at $549 ... $619 for the 32GB Wi-Fi/Cellular model. Apple also said its smaller iPhone SE model will ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iPad Mini 2 gets the axe amid quiet tablet refresh

Apple giveth and she taketh away. Starting at $250, the iPad Mini 2 is the simplest, most affordable iPad according to CNET reviews. Now it's getting replaced by something a lot more expensive. The Mini 2 is gone from Apple's web site, signaling its demise. ( read original story ...)

Farewell iPad Air, iPad mini 2

Apple introduced the new 9.7-inch iPad on Tuesday, and quietly discontinued the iPad Air 2 along with the iPad mini 2. The new iPad replaces the Air 2 and offers a newer processor along with lower pricing. The iPad Air 2 shipped with an A8 processor ... ( read original story ...)