Apple should re-imagine the iPod Shuffle

I'm no longer the Apple 'fanboy' that I once was, that shine has long since been rubbed away for reasons that I won’t go into here. My wife would disagree with my rationale though, she’d tell you that as I'm older now, the term 'fanboy' simply wouldn't ... ( read original story ...)

The Apple Watch is finally taking off, says analyst

Apple's first attempts at the Apple Watch failed to impress industry analysts. But other big Apple products, like the iPhone and the iPod, also took a couple years to reach product sales. A boost in sales for the watches would be a boon for Apple headed ... ( read original story ...)

Eddy Cue: Apple’s innovation hasn’t slowed down

Apple changed the smartphone landscape with the iPhone, ushered in a new era of tablets with the iPad, and before all of that, redefined the MP3 player with the iPod. Yet a large amount of criticism aimed at Apple claims its innovation has slowed ... ( read original story ...)