The Rise And Fall Of Apple’s iPod

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)'s decision last week to sell just one iPod model, the iPod Touch, shouldn't have come as a surprise. Back in 2006, iPod sales accounted for as much as 40 percent of Apple's total revenue, Statista reported. After a few years of ... ( read original story ...)

Apple is discontinuing two of its iPods!

Apple joins the latest bandwagon in killing off products that we grew up with and love. The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have been quietly and officially discontinued by Apple. You can still ‘search’, ‘learn more’ and ‘buy’ but these lead to ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Finally Discontinues iPod Nano And Shuffle

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the devices some 12 years ago with his legendary showmanship flare, and the small, easy to operate players helped the company revolutionize how music was sold. Needless to say, the first every iPod was ... ( read original story ...)

Stores react to the end of the iPod

There has been a mixed reaction in Bermuda to Apple’s decision to retire its iconic iPod personal music players. The iPod nano and shuffle will no longer be sold by Apple after falling sales and shifting trends with more people now listening to music on ... ( read original story ...)