Apple's iPhone celebrates its 10th anniversary

The then-Apple CEO described the iPhone as “three things – a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communications device.” “These are not three separate devices – these are one device and we ... ( read original story ...)

Queries on RockBox for iPod Nano 1st Gen

can I revert my iPod to original Apple Firmware in case if it makes iPod worse than original? Pls suggest. Though some old threads, it seems that Rockbox will literally kill the Battery life of Nano 1st Gen. However, that threat was of 2005-2006 so I am ... ( read original story ...)

The Secret Missing Link Between iPod And iPhone

The code comes from the period when the iPod ruled the digital music scene. Although other manufacturers were dominating the mobile space, those handsets remained small and focused on physical numeric keypads for input. Apple was ready to move into this ... ( read original story ...)

This was Apple's prototype for the iPhone

An early prototype of the iPhone reveals how Apple considered making its iconic smartphone a lot more like the iPod. A newly discovered video, posted to YouTube by independent tech journalist Sonny Dickson, shows an iPhone running an iPod-like precursor to ... ( read original story ...)

Used iPhones Are Undermining the iPod touch

Ever since then, the iPod touch (sometimes called the iTouch) has been the iPhone’s weaker sibling with less features. The brilliant thing for Apple was leveraging all the work done to create the iPhone, so almost all of the R&D work had already been done. ( read original story ...)

Growing a Different Apple

Founded in 2014 by three former senior managers from Apple’s iPod and iPhone groups, Pearl has tried to replicate what its leaders view as the best parts of Apple’s culture, like its fanatical dedication to quality and beautiful design. But the ... ( read original story ...)