Apple: A little more color, please

At the same time, Apple’s current identity got its start with the 2001 launch of the original iPod, which came only in sleek white, and continued to do so until the 2004 debut of the iPod mini. Even a... ( read original story ...)

How to type out the Apple logo symbol

The Apple logo character renders properly across any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch. It can be typed on iOS, macOS and tvOS devices. On watchOS, the Dictation and Scribble features provide no way to enter the Apple logo whatsoever. ( read original story ...)

How I Learned To Cope With The Death of The iPod Nano

My smartphone is an Android. I do own though an iPad as well as well as an iPod Touch. I do not salivate every time Apple announces its new line but it doesn’t take Nostradamus to foresee that Nano was eventually going the way of the dodo bird. ( read original story ...)