Apple’s MacBook Air turns 10

Apple’s design team also hid some ports in a flip-down hatch, ultimately doing away with that bit in 2010. Even so, the laptop was a beautiful bit of engineering. Like the iPhone and iPod before it, this was peak Apple. In recent years, the laptop has ... ( read original story ...)

ipod nano cover

Keep all of your music in the palm of your hand with the Apple iPod Nano 16GB. This tiny iPod features a small touchscreen so you can always see what's coming next or select from your favorite songs. If you feel like tuning into the radio, there's an app ... ( read original story ...)

The Best iPod For Your Needs

See the end of the list for my thinking—and why you should avoid that one. The 6th generation iPod nano was a step back. Apple clearly intended that model nano—with its tiny shape and multitouch screen—to be an innovation, but it simply removed too ... ( read original story ...)