A Greener iPod Nano

Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented the newest iPod nano at Apple's September event. The new iPod nano contains arsenic-free glass and omits PVC, mercury and brominated flame retardants (BFRs), thus making it the greenest iPod yet. Jobs stressed the ... ( read original story ...)

When Apple Watch surpassed iPod

“The last time Apple reported iPod unit and revenues was for the third quarter of 2014. Thereafter the product segment called “Other Products” was used to include what was formerly the iPod segment and the ‘Accessories’ segment,” Horace Dediu ... ( read original story ...)

The Teardown: Apple TV 4K

Really, it shows Apple going back to an established model. The original iPod was not the most technologically advanced music player, but it did have the best interface. That doesn’t mean that the box lacks muscle. As its name suggests, it offers 4K ... ( read original story ...)

Apple fans fume over frustrating iOS 11.1 keyboard glitch

It’s unclear how many users are affected but Apple admitted the bug is affecting keyboards on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that have been updated to the latest operating software. The company has been quick to set up a dedicated support page for the ... ( read original story ...)