AirPods unboxed: Apple's other new wearable of the future

AirPods work with your Mac (macOS 10.12), iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (running iOS 10) and AppleWatch (with watchOS 3). They're standard Bluetooth 4 enhanced with Apple's "special sauce" effortless proximity pairing software that uses your iCloud account to ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iOS 10.2: Should You Upgrade?

Apple iOS 10.2 Install Verdict ... and make it essential/irrelevant to you – depending on the current working state of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch… iPhone 7 Plus Vs iPhone 6S Plus: What’s The Difference? iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 6S: What’s The ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Admits iPhones Have A Problem

But the twist is Apple has still not fully fronted up to the situation ... as well as social media and even a tweet from Apple executive and ‘father of the iPod’ Tony Fadell have confirmed cases involving different models: In fact reports of the ... ( read original story ...)