The iPad Lost Years for Apple’s Media Partners

Apple Inc. is revamping its digital bookstore in another attempt to take on Amazon's dominance. I can't help thinking: What if? Not what if Apple had succeeded the first time around, when it introduced a way to purchase electronic books with the 2010 ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iPad Will Get Tips From iPhone X

The new Apple iPhone X comes with a few interesting features and tech and based on what Apple has done in the past, it is easy to see which new features will make its way over to the upcoming Apple iPad. According to iHelpBR’s Felipe Esposito, he found a ... ( read original story ...)

How to Set up HomePod Using iPhone/ iPad

Don’t worry, let’s see in this thread how do I set up Apple Siri Speaker using Apple iPhone or iPad. To Set up HomePod, you can follow my below-given directions or can also take the help of home pod documentation which coming in the Box of brand new ... ( read original story ...)