iPad & iPhone User 130 Digital Edition

This issue, we look at Apple’s latest release – the HomePod. We’ve an in-depth review, while our tips will help you master the smart speaker. And if you’re having trouble getting the device up and running our tutorials will help. Also this month ... ( read original story ...)

Better than the printed page: Reading on an iPad

“Apple’s Web site makes the iPad sound like a gift of God for graphics, but the company hardly mentions the iPad’s main purpose for some of us: reading books,” Charles Maurer writes for TidBITS. “Nor I have ever heard of anyone who switched on a ... ( read original story ...)

New Apple MacBook touchscreen keyboard revealed

Expect to hear more on Apple’s new MacBook, Macbook Air, iPad Pro and 9.7-inch iPad at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June. From holiday movies to Hollywood blockbusters, these laptops have the power and features you need ( read original story ...)