Apple HomePod

Apple’s first foray into the home speaker market was the iPod Hi-Fi, back in the now-quaint era where one would physically dock an iPod with another device to play music. In our present, increasingly wireless world, this concept and even the iPod itself ... ( read original story ...)

AirPods are what the Apple Watch should’ve been

In the early years of iPhone sales, Apple still generated much of its revenue selling iPods. Even if you bought a new iPhone 3G in 2008, you might still have purchased an iPod Shuffle or Nano to bring to the gym, or an iPod Classic to hold your extensive ... ( read original story ...)

The Apple Ipod and the Nano

What do people love about an Apple ipod? These are the cold hard facts people say they love about Apple ipod: 1. The original ipod can hold about five thousand songs. 2. The original ipod can give the user up to forty gigabytes of harddrive space. ( read original story ...)