Apple iPod shuffle 1st Generation new-in-box

Apple iPod shuffle 1st Generation (512 MB); new in box. The seal has been cut and the end flap opened once to verify contents are intact. The plastic tray has not been slid out; it has never been used. Great for a collection of brand new iPods. Price is $ ... ( read original story ...

How to download a copy of everything Apple knows about you

Like Facebook and Google , Apple has a really simple way to download a file that shows all of the information that Apple knows about you. Apple has repeatedly said it doesn't store a lot of personal information about users, and I found that to be true. ( read original story ...)

Five products Apple needs to put to rest

with few decent options in-between. Apple could be the company to convince average home users that a NAS fits into their lives. I know, I know… “I love my iPod touch!” At the very least, it’s an affordable way to give young kids an “iPhone ... ( read original story ...)