Apple (AAPL) to Make Own Chips, Cut Imagination Royalty

The British-based Imagination Technologies said earlier this month that Apple will no longer use its graphics chips in the iPhone, iPad and iPod products. The move resulted in a 71% single-day plunge in Imagination's stock. Citing the UBS report ... ( read original story ...)

Apple® iPod Shuffle 2GB

iPod shuffle comes in 5 stunning colors. And with up to 15 hours of battery life, it is good to go for hundreds of songs. The control pad makes it easy to play your music. VoiceOver tells you the song title or playlist name. And you can sync multiple ... ( read original story ...)

Apple To Release An iWatch With Curved Display?

There has been countless rumours that Apple will one day launch what a lot of people are calling the iWatch. This has been going on since the launch of the new iPod Nano, and continued to be rumoured after the introduction of the Pebble Smartwatch. ( read original story ...)

The iPhone of cars? Apple enters self-driving car race

That means Apple has a long way to catch up in self-driving technology. But it has often been a follower in markets that it eventually revolutionized. It wasn't the first to introduce a digital music player, smartphone, or tablet before its iPod ... ( read original story ...)

Has Apple Lost Its Innovation Mojo?

It's daunting to think about the number of products Apple has created that have transformed how most people use technology: the original Mac with the first mass-produced mouse, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. But fast forward to 2017 and it ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Clips: What it offers and how it works

So, what is Apple Clips? Here is a quick review. Think iMovies, think Clips. To me, Clips is a lite version of iMovie. The app lets you create short videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Clips actually makes it easy to stitch together multiple videos ... ( read original story ...)