Good Woofy

Simply set Good Woofy on an iOS device that you normally leave at home, perhaps your iPad or an old iPhone or iPod touch. Good Woofy will listen out for when your dog barks, and if activated a Command to tell your dog to quiet down and Praise to reward ... ( read original story ...

The best 18 Apple commercials of all time

I was at the 2005 Apple iPod event when this ad was revealed. Of all the iPod silhouette ads, this one’s my favorite. But Apple quickly pulled the ad. A few weeks later, shoe company Lugz filed suit against Apple, claiming that the Eminem silhouette ad ... ( read original story ...)

Beware Apple For Early 2017

Other revenue includes sales from Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats and iPod. The company operates in several regions globally, including the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Japan and the rest of the Asia Pacific. For the Americas, Apple reported about $32 ... ( read original story ...)