Apple Clips: What it offers and how it works

So, what is Apple Clips? Here is a quick review. Think iMovies, think Clips. To me, Clips is a lite version of iMovie. The app lets you create short videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Clips actually makes it easy to stitch together multiple videos ... ( read original story ...)

Apple's Touch Bar Could Be a Flop

Many of the company's major breakthroughs over the past four decades have been built on revolutionary interfaces: the graphical user interface on Mac, click wheel on iPod ... considerations, but Apple has pushed capacitive touch interfaces more ... ( read original story ...)

Apple’s AirPods Approaching An ‘iPod Moment’

Sometimes things just seem to creep up on you, and Apple’s quietly introduced AirPods appear to be doing just that, and just like the iPod introduction, people didn’t see it coming. When Apple launched the iPod in October 2001, the company experienced ... ( read original story ...)

Imagination Tech shares plunge as Apple abandons the firm

The technology company has licensed its processing designs to Apple from the time of the iPod and receives a small royalty on every graphics chip used in a device. Imagination, however, said it doubted Apple could go it alone without violating Imagination ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iOS 10.3: Should You Upgrade?

iPads and iPod touch. The Road Ahead In a curious move Apple has announced iOS 10.3.2 is now in beta testing with no sign of iOS 10.3.1. Perhaps iOS 10.3.1 will be a minor update/bug fix and Apple feels there is no need to test it first, but I don’t ... ( read original story ...

Apple launches iOS 10.3 for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone

Cupertino giant Apple has released a new iOS update- iOS 10.3, for its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The update includes a few noteworthy additions like 'Find my AirPods', improvements in Apple CarPlay and the adoption of a new file management system. ( read original story ...)